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MammoSite Breast Treatments

This treatment option offers the benefits of breast conservation therapy (BCT) to patients.

The treatment of breast cancer has become increasingly less invasive over the past several decades. More women than ever are opting for breast conservation therapy rather than mastectomy. Many patients find it difficult to commit to nearly two months of external beam radiation therapy, since it might be a hardship to take time from work, or treatment centers may be far from home.

But now, MammoSite offers a five-day treatment option for your patients.

The MammoSite Radiation Therapy System facilitates the delivery of partial breast irradiation (PBI). MammoSite, which delivers targeted radiation, is now considered the technology of choice since conformity and adjacent normal tissue sparing can be optimized simultaneously. Since 2002, thousands of women have opted for the benefits of MammoSite.

About MammoSite

The MammoSite provides brachytherapy when the physician chooses to deliver intracavitary radiation to the surgical margins following lumpectomy for breast cancer.

The MammoSite balloon catheter facilitates the delivery of partial breast irradiation following lumpectomy for breast cancer. MammoSite may be prescribed for primary radiation therapy or for a boost used in conjunction with external beam radiation.

The MammoSite device is placed at the time of lumpectomy or during a separate procedure post-lumpectomy. The balloon can be inflated to variable sizes to accommodate the individual cavity. A small radioactive source, connected to a computer-controlled high-dose rate (HDR) remote afterloader, is inserted into the balloon to deliver the prescribed dose of radiation. Once the therapy is concluded, the balloon is deflated and the catheter is removed.1

Benefits of MammoSite

  • Radiation therapy can be completed in five days on an outpatient basis.
  • MammoSite places the radiation source inside the lumpectomy cavity, delivering radiation to the area where cancer is most likely to recur.
  • The amount of radiation delivered to healthy tissue is limited, reducing the potential for side effects.

1 Proxima Therapeutic's www.mammosite.com

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